Nose Cone

The bigger, badder, bastard brother of the Tulip (try saying that after you've smoked one). It takes some effort to roll, but a good nose cone is a king size chunk of truly cosmic proportions. Leightweights need not apply.

Stick two kingsize papers together to form a square with a gummed strip running along one side.
Fold corner A over to corner B to form a triangle, leaving the gummed strip uncovered.
Wet the strip and fold it over to seal the triangle. You should now have something resembling a flatenned paper cone.
Open up the cone and tightly pack it with layers of carefully blended mix.
Take two more kingsize papers and stick them together at a 45 angle as shown.
Add loads of mix to the papers, forming it in to the shape of a cone and use a large, sturdy roach.
Roll the papers and mix into a big, fat joint with the same end diameter as the cone you made earlier.
Carefully cut away any excess paper from the fat joint and the cone leaving the mix flush with the paper. Join the two together with gummed strips torn from spare papers.

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