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These dark green buds are very resin-y and have bunches of short, red hairs throughout. Some buds are less green with more hairs. This hydro has a very pungent, sweet, skunky green smell that will make your mouth water and will put a smile on your face. One or two small, crystally stems to chew on are all the non-smokables you get. The fluffy, compact buds break up nicely and will leave plenty of polleny crystals on your fingers. The smooth, skunky smoke tastes sweet and flowery, though it is expansive in the lungs and a bit of a cougher. Overall, the taste is outstanding. Not overly visual, a strongly mellowing high ensues that is conducive to listening to music, watching a movie or mgher. Overall, the taste is outstanding. Not overly visual, a strongly mellowing high ensues that is conducive to listening to music, watching a movie or maybe hanging out at a Coffeeshop. This bud could get you to open your bag of Oreo's or order 'patat' on your way home.

Black Hawaiian

These buds are very compressed with many seed husks. They are a deep army green colored that seem brown from a distance and are sparsely covered with brown hairs. The scent is a little brown (dirty), a little chemical and a very little green. Since the Hawaiian comes from a long distance, its appearance could be greatly altered from its travels. It seems to have had many crystals, and its compactness is certainly a result of its shipping. When smoked this bud tastes very full, almost meaty (BBQ) with both green and brown flavors. The smoke is not particularly expansive but is very harsh because the buds have been overly dried in transit. The high comes on very quickly and is very stony and will leave you dazed. If it were nicer aesthetically it may have received an even higher mark.

Bubbleberry X Williams Wonder

We have blended the strength and vigor of Bubbleberry with the growth charachteristics of Williams Wonder. Both plants compliment each other with their unique qualities. The smoke is very tasty and possesses the scent of a flowery bouquet.The high is heavy and long in duration, leaving the smoker with enough energy to be mobile.This hybrid exhibits a shorter, rounder version of Bubbleberry persuasion along with a slightly earlier flowering period. Fantastic for stash and production purposes. Definitely one of the world's wonders.

Cytral Skunk

This bud has thick layers of orange-red hairs surrounding darker colored green nodes. The crystals are not very obvious, but are noticeable. It has a sweet green scent with skunky undertones that set it off well. Dense buds break up stickily and the stems taste more like mint or blueberry stems than skunk. However, the smoke tastes skunky with an undertone of citrus, like orange peel. It's thick and expansive in the lungs and will make you cough. The high comes on quick and is lazy and stony. Does't give the munchies!

Double Bubble

These buds are army-green colored, crystally, and evenly covered with long dark orange (almost brown) hairs. Broken up, these buds release the scent of sweet freshly cut grass or even hay with some slightly skunky undertones. The smoke is smooth, non-expansive and has a mild sweet taste. Although the high does not hit you right away, it first creeps through your body making you feel stoned and then only moderately effects your cerebrum, allowing you to concentrate on any task at hand.

Dutch Flowers Bio

These forest green buds are made lighter by a covering of tiny white crystals, especially inside the buds. Its also covered in long brick-red hairs. The buds smell green and bio, but mild. The smoke is thick, slightly expansive in the lungs and tastes distinctly mild bio (green). The high comes on gradually leading to a stony, and mellowing high.

Early Riser

Early Riser is our first variety especially developed for outdoor production. Several generations of select breeding - choosing individuals with the shortest flowering period combined with the highest density of cannabinoidal resin - have produced a wonderful example of botanical wizardry. This species is truly worthy of supporting the same high quality standard of exceptional cannabis that Sagarmatha has provided for her scrutinizing clientele. The aroma and flavor of Early Riser is sweet with a minty aftertaste. The high is uplifting and motivational, releasing the sun's natural energy with every bowl, so let the sunshine in and don't get burnt!


These buds are golden, light green, covered in white crystals with long sparse golden-red hairs. Broken up, these buds are quite tacky, have a spicy, fertilized scent with a tinge of skunkiness, and its stems have a spicy taste. The smoke is not too thick, but fairly expansive in the lungs, and tastes very mild but a bit piney. The high comes on quickly and keeps going in a mellow, comfortable, and spacey high. Conducive to hanging out and listening to music.


These deep forest-green buds are highlighted by orange/amber clusters of short hairs which are absent of crystals. They emit a defined but not too pungent skunky smell that's just a bit perfumy. The very thick clusters of buds surround short, fat stems that taste a bit green. When smoked, the buds emit mild, sweet smoke that smells reminiscent of incense. Gives a light high. Excellent bud to use in joints or use in a pot blend.


A very unique Indica-Sativa hybrid that produces a meditative stone. Great for musicians and computer operators. The high is focused and not scattered. Purple hues are also prevalent with this plant. Smokers will enjoy a flavorful taste and flowing flowering fragrance. Every connoisseur will want to grow with the flow.

Flying Dutchman

These buds are medium green colored, covered with a thin layer of light-tan colored crystals, and covered lightly with dark reddish-brown hairs. It has a tart, fruity, heavily fertilized bio scent, making your tongue twitch like you've smelled a lemon. When smoked, it has a very mild, citrus taste. The high comes on really quick and very spacey (zoned out!). Time to sink into a nice comfortable chair.

Haze #1

These buds are made up of nug clusters that are entirely coated in white crystals. The cannabis leaves within the bud are a much darker green. There are long red hairs evenly but lightly covering the bud. It has a perfumy-organic scent and is tacky when broken up. The stems also taste much like incense--a quite different spicy and tangy taste. The high is quick, very stony and visual but doesn't cloud your head, allowing you to concentrate when/if necessary.

Jack Herrier/Haze Mix

This sweetly scented mix is forest green in color with few, long, brown hairs. The bud structure is lent from its Herrier lineage, while the color is most certainly descendent from the Haze. The buds swell oddly like freshly shaven carrots, and are very sticky when broken up. The nodes are coated in white crystals. When smoked, the bud releases a thick cloud of sweet, tangy, tasty smoke which expands substantially in the lungs. The high hits quickly and really sends you for a whirl - it is visual and Trippy. This mix surely brings out the best in both buds.


This white crystal covered compact bud is mostly pale green with patches of dark green and contains sparse clusters of orange-red hairs. It has a strong sweet green scent with just a hint of pine. Not particularly flavorful when smoked, K2's flavor is mild green with a bio taste. The smoke is smooth but expansive in the lungs. The high comes on quickly and is spacey and mellowing and just a bit visual.

Kali Mist

These puffy, compact buds are a uniform deep green and textured with a thorough covering of white crystal fur, and thin scattered orange hairs. The scent is a strong, tangy, citrus bio smell. The buds break up into small round budlets; the stems taste a bit citrusy.When smoked, the buds taste green, mild and bio-y and are expansive in the lungs. The high comes on quickly and is visual, stony and spacey.

Lady Widow

Daughter of the White Widow plant. This bio is yet another example of Holland's cannabis breeders' next generation of Neder-weed. These medium green, smallish buds are so covered with white crystals that they appear much lighter than really are. Its red hairs are sparse and short. The buds smell a bit mild, citrusy. and sweet--like a powered lemon drink mix. The smoke is expansive in the lungs and has a spicy citrus taste. The high is constant, mellow and pretty stony.

Master Kush

This light-green colored bud has dark forest-green leaves protruding and is covered in long hairs that range in color from bright orange to almost white (mostly strawberry-blonde). The scent is sweet and citrusy with green bio-y undertones. The taste, however, is surprisingly mild for this fairly strong-scented bud. It almost doesn't even have a taste besides the general burnt bud (brown) taste. It is also non-expansive in the lungs. The high is mildly visual with a light head-change.

Northern Lights #9

After years of heartfelt requests for a Northern Lights strain, Sagarmatha has engineered a superior version of the NL legend. NL#9 delivers the finest qualities expected from that variety: a short plant with a voracious stone and minimal smell. The flowering time is acceptable and fat chunky nugs can be expected. Fantastic for gardens where smell is an unfavorable factor. Also fine for persons who desire a heavy, lethargic stone. For a great connection, dial NL#9.

Northern Lights/Hawaiian Cross

Completely covered in brick-red hairs, this dark green bud has a nice thick layer of tannish resin crystals. It smells candy-sweet and lightly fruity. It looks and smells like a Sativa, but glistens like its Nothern Lights forefathers. When smoked, the bud tastes fruity and sweet too, but smells very brown, like a Columbian.

Northern Lights 5/Haze Cross

This hydro is light green with scarce long, red hairs and very crystally buds. It breaks up very easily and emits a sweet green scent, characteristic to Northern Lights. The buds are surprisingly much denser than they seem. Smoked, the buds are smooth but very expansive in the lungs and will certainly leave you coughing. The taste has a mild overall bouquet if not a bit bland. The high comes on quickly but is mild and relaxing, and even a bit spacey.

Northern Lights/Silver Pearl Cross

These dark green buds are completely coated in light crystals, making the buds at first seem a lighter green. The buds are evenly covered in light orange hairs, as well as hairs that are almost flesh colored. Their structure is highly compact as small buds break up substantially releasing a super-sweet green bio scent (quite expected from this lineage!). The taste when smoked is mild, yet sweet and fruity and expands slightly in the lungs. The high is spacey and visual and comes on quickly. It's a bit forgetful and a bit lazy, a nice rainy-day-got-nothing-else-to-do bud.


Orange Bud

This pretty bud lives up to its namesake with light green buds, covered in bright orange hairs. There are also tiny crystals on all the leaves and buds. Its strong skunky smell is actually tapered by the more green smell that accompanies it. Fluffy and light, the buds break up nicely, leaving your fingers a little tacky. The expansive strong smoke tastes a bit like a brown weed (earthy)--the skunk taste has been eliminated with some green taste lightly in the background.


This bud has a candy-sweet yet slightly spicey scent. The buds are light.lime green colored and coated with very light-tan resin crystals. Light reddish brown hairs appear in spurts around the bud. When smoked, the bud tastes mild and earthy. The high is very stoney, forgetful, visual, and introspective.

Plang Bio

These dark-green, compact bud clusters are lightly coated with white crystals and covered with bright orange hairs. They are almost furry in appearance in that they have small light hairs all over. The Plang has a distinctly bio scent that is full and sweet yet mild. The buds crumble easily surprisingly without leaving any resin behind. The smoke is smooth, very expansive in the lungs, and has a mild green taste. The high is a creeper and comes on it about 10-15 min. It is mild and non-clouding.

Pole Cat

A synonym for a pungent skunk, this girl produces flowers and highs similar to super skunk. The buds are large with lime-green hues and orange pistils. Very nice for persons who enjoy a bountiful harvest, fragrant tops and a strong stone. She is a fast finishing plant that gets you in and out of the garden quickly. Fantastic for commercial enterprises.

Power Pearl

This is the daughter of the Silver Pearl. These buds are a bright light green, sparsely coated with even lighter crystals and covered in short orange-red hairs. They are very dense but snap crisply apart, and leave your fingers tacky and sticky. The stems taste very piney, while the buds smell piney, skunky, and pungent. The smoke is full bodied, skunky, and unbelievably smooth! The high is quite spacey, but energetic and takes just a few minutes wait to some on.



This leafy bud is so covered in resiny crystals that the leaves are stuck to the bud. Long brown hairs are unevenly dispersed across the compact bud. The whitesh crystals hide seemingly very light green buds inside. Perfumy, sweet, skunky taste; comforting, gradual, cerebral high that hits your forehead and spreads to your brain giving mellow minor visuals.

Sunny Flowers

These buds are dark forest green and made even darker by a thorough covering of dark red hairs. The buds are also coated with tiny light crystals. The scent of the bud is very mild green with a touch of fertilization while the stems taste very green when chewed. The smoke has a very mild, slightly bio taste and is smooth and not too expansive in the lungs. The high comes on slowly and is mild and a bit spacey.


This dry, compact, seedy bud is dark brown with some dark green spots. The outdoor grown buds are thin and runny and also lighty resiny. It has a spicey, earthy scent and an earthy, brown, full taste. The high is energetic.

Valley Girl

This variety is a Cheyenne Indica with a skunky influence, for lovers of fragrant weed with a strong buzz. Take this girl just before bed and have a seductively, sedative session. Her name was derived from her stupifying qualities. Gag me with a bud.

White Afghani

The "white" in this strand's namesake is most certainly derived from the polleny crystals that cover these dark green buds, which are only interrupted by small outcroppings of strawberry blond hairs. The pungent yet pleasantly sweet smoke contains just a hint of skunk and makes your mouth-water. Its Afghani heritage shines when it is smoked as this green/white bud is transformed into a brown tasting bud of the highest quality. The smoke is nice and smooth. The stone is quick, visual, and mellow, not too stony for public places.

White Rhino

This crystally, olive colored bud is sparsely covered in brownish red hairs and resin nodules which stand out proud and bubbly. This bio has a pungent, green scent; some have even said it has sort of a shit smell to it. Very fluffy somewhat dense buds break apart nicely and leave your fingers sticky. Not mouth wateringly tasty, it tastes a bit brown for such a green plant, depicting its Mexican heritage. The smoke expands slightly leaving you coughing a bit. The high is not overly mellow, the head change isn't much to take. This is bong weed, as it does very well through water, eliminating the need to cough all together.

White Russian

Winner of the 1997 Cannabis Cup. This bud is mostly sea-green (yellowish-green) with patches of darker green, and has clusters of reddish-tan hairs. Very light tan crystals coat the entire bud. The scent is very green and bio with an under tone of skunk. When smoked, the bud tastes sweet and is a bit expansive in the lungs. The high is spacey, stony, a bit forgetful and lasts strongly for 2 hrs or more! We love this bud. One or two good hits and you're set for a while.

White Widow

This fabulous bio probably derives its name from its white-ish appearance created by light green leaves entirely covered with tiny white crystals. The bud is almost absent of hairs, save sparse, barren brown ones that dot the bud. Its scent is mild and flat with the tiniest touch of green that tells droves about its Northern Lights parentage. Light, semi-sticky buds snap apart from yucky tasting stems, perhaps overfertilized, perhaps not. The smoke has a mild flowery full taste. The high is a little of everything--a bit cerebral, and bit forgetful and stony, nice trippy feeling, but very mild.