Cannabis Cigar

A pure cannbis cigar is perhaps the ultimate joint and a must for the rich, famous and well connected. Using exotic, hard-to-get ingredients this can be a hard one to get together.

First, find yourself a thai stick, (cured buds tied around a bamboo sliver) Remove any thread and carefully coat it with liquid cannabis resin oil.
Wrap the coated stick with small, uncured, 'top' leaves, taking care to remove any stems.
Secure the leaves with thread and coat with more liquid resin. Leave the cigar to dry in a dark, dry and warm place for a day or so.
Remove the thread and repeat the entire process. Use progressively larger cannabis leaves until the cigar is suitably fat.
Use large 'sun' leaves to seal the cigar, add a final coat of cannabis resin and secure with more thread.
Leave the finished cigars to dry. In two to three weeks it should be ready to smoke.
When drying is complete, remove the thread and carefully pull the bamboo sliver from inside the cigar to create a smoking tube. Store your cigars in a dry air-tight container - the longer you leave them, the better (and stronger) the y will get.

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