How to Roll a Blunt

Materials Needed:
Cigar, weed, knife or scissors, grinder, lighter

1. Bust the blunt:
Do this by licking your blunt very well, but not to the point of sogginess. Then, take a razorblade or very sharp knife and cut a straight line lengthwise from butt to tip. Stick your thumb into the opened blunt and slide the insides (known as "guts") out. Don't try to push them all out at once because you can tear the blunt up that way; the guts should fall apart pretty easily so just split it up into sections with your thumb. If you're doing this in a moving car, dump the guts into a cup or something and then dump ALL OF IT out of the window. If your car is stationary, keep the guts inside (in a lidded cup or balled up in paper) to avoid a pile of incriminating evidence right beside your car for when the cops roll up. Wrap them in paper if you simply must throw them out.

2. Tear the blunt:
At this point you can tear or cut off the rounded end of the blunt, or leave it there. I prefer to remove it because sometimes it causes you to roll the blunt shut. In this tutorial, we'll remove the end.

(At this point you may wish to separate the inner layer of paper from the outer layer.  Using only the inner layer will cut down on the amount of nicotine.  In this example, we will keep the two layers together as we roll the blunt.)  --Bud

3. Lick the blunt:
Now that you've got a nice rectangular blunt wrap, you might want to lick the edges to seal up any tears. Be careful doing this, since the wrap is thin and moist and will tear for sure. Then, take the wrap and fold it like you would paper for a joint. There's no need to make a "sailboat" with a blunt, at least not for me. A simple fold will be fine.


4. Add Weed:
Now you're ready to add your weed. Once again, follow the joint rules: spread the weed evenly down the length of the blunt. If you don't use enough weed to support the size of the wrap you're using then it'll collapse in on itself while you're trying to smoke, or you'll suck weed into your mouth the whole time.

5. Fold the Blunt:
It gets a little bit different from a joint here. You can't slide a cigar wrap against itself like rolling papers, so you give your blunt it's shape by carefully folding and rolling it up. First, tuck the shorter side of the wrap around the weed, then start rolling it up all the way. Be careful not to pinch the ends shut or roll it too tight, or you'll pass out while sucking so hard to hit the damn thing.


6. Seal the Blunt:
No more than a half-inch of the wrap should be left unwrapped. Lick it lengthwise, and do it well. Then, carefully start pressing the rest of the wrap down to the blunt. I usually start in the middle with this task, but some like to start at the end. Blunt type is really important here, since some blunts are stickier (Chocolate Phillies, Mocho Mint White Owls) and work better at this point. (Optimos are notoriously unsticky.) Continue to pay special attention to the ends; trying to taper the ends can sometimes end up with a too-small hole to pull from.

7. Bake the Blunt:
Now your blunt is all rolled up, but the end would dissolve if you tried to smoke it in its current condition. Take a good lighter and run it up and down the length of the blunt (hold the blunt by the end you're gonna light) while spinning the blunt around in your hand. This will dry out the moisture and give it a good bake, which makes the blunt firmer. Don't let the fire linger in one spot too long or it'll burn, which will probably lead to a run when the cherry burns down to the singed spot. It's not necessary to bake the blunt all day, just long enough to make it firmer and a little bit darker.

8. Spark the Blunt:
To light a blunt, hold it in your hand and hold the fire to the end, letting it engulf the very tip of the blunt. Spin it around every now and then. This will evenly distribute the flame and minimize the possibility of runs developing (a "run" is when the cherry burns unevenly, making one side longer than the other). Runs can be remedied by smearing saliva (girls, don't freak out) on the longer side of the cherry.

9. Hit the Blunt:
Time to sit back and get high. Take a hit for me.